Wednesday 26 June 2013

Artist-in-Residence with friends series 1

Details of the series and pricing package:
Venue: Toccata Studio , 19B, SS2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya ,Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact: 016-3618504, 014-2486248
Facebook: toccata studio

The ABCs of B-A-C-H, a piano-viola recital
Date and Time: 6 JULY 2013, 8.00pm
                          7 JULY 2013, 3.00pm
Guest violist: Andrew FILMER
Seminar & Master Class: 6 JULY 2013, 3.00 – 5.30pm
Mr. Filmer will be giving a rare demonstration on the Baroque, Classical and Modern Bows on the violin and viola with hands on experience for the participants.

The Year 1959…..
The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto & Shostakovich Cello Concerto No.1
Date and Time: 20 JULY 2013, 8.00pm
Christina Kai HUANG violin
Aamil SULAIMAN cello

Of Sonata Of Sounds - a piano solo recital 
Date and Time: 28 July 2013, 3pm
Pianist: Yann Shie OH

Admission by minimum donation
Piano solo
Viola Recital
Seminar & Master Class
RM100 Active Participant
(only 4 slots available)

RM25 Passive Participant
Seminar & Master Class +
Viola Recital
RM120 for Active Participants
RM50 for Passive Participants
The Year 1959
Package of three concerts

Artist-in-Residence Series I “With Friends”

TOCCATA Studio follows the traditional footsteps of established arts centres and institutions to introduce the Artist-in-Residence Programme – a residency opportunity which seems foreign and new in our local arts scene yet widely practised in other countries. TOCCATA Studio, being a space to provide all manner of creative people to reflect, research, present and produce, welcomes Yann Shie OH, the first Malaysian to graduate with a doctoral degree in piano performance from the prestigious Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire in Russia (alma mater of Rachmaninov, Scriabin, Richter, Gilels, Rostropovich, Gidon Kremer, Mikhail Pletnev & Ivo Pogorelich to name a few) to kick-start this project for 2013 with 5 concerts spanning over 3 weeks this summer.

An Artist-in-Residence programme allows a creative individual to explore his/her practise within another community; meeting new people; experiencing inspiration in a new location. It emphasizes the importance of multi-layered cultural exchange. Having said, our first series “With Friends” features an all-Malaysian team of musicians with different cultural and training background to delight the audience and music lovers with a detour of classical music from the 17th century Baroque era to present day; from China to Russia, each performance with a short introduction on the programme by our Artist-in-Residence.

The programme for Series I focuses on the collaboration with string instruments: apart from a piano-viola recital featuring Baroque and Classical works; a Viennese waltzing piano four hands (which happens to be the unofficial premier performance in Malaysia despite it being one of Schubert’s monumental composition of this genre) and two contrasting concertos (a violin and a cello) written in the same year yet 6,000km apart. You will also witness our Artist-in-Residence as she transforms the role of the modern day piano into the 17th century clavichord and juggles the sounds of various instruments in an orchestra.

TOCCATA Studio would like to thank Dr. Samuel KAM Sheung Woo for his avid support for our Artist-in-Residence programme and also extend our gratitude to Graceful Piano Sdn. Bhd.’s sponsorship for this particular Series I.

Trained in the USA, violist and researcher Andrew FILMER (of ¾ Malaysian Chinese and ¼ British) is a New Zealand International Doctoral Scholar, where he currently resides in. Specialising in alternative tunings and systematic variation, his performance interests covers mainly repertoire of the 17th, 18th and 21st Centuries. Mr. Filmer also holds a degree in journalism from the University Sains Malaysia, his articles and editions published in various music journals in the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The seminar and master class on 6th July 2013 will be an eye-opener for string players as he demonstrates the use of the Baroque and Classical bows on modern day violin and viola.

WONG Chee Yean received his training from the UK, the Netherlands and the USA before returning to Malaysia, where he lectures at various local universities and is known as an established accompanist. He is also an accomplished composer, with works being published in the Netherlands and premiered at the MPO Composers FORUM. He is also the official pianist for MPO’s High Winds Ensemble and was commissioned to compose for various music festivals locally and abroad.

The closing concert features the young cellist Aamil SULAIMAN, who is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in the USA and Christina HUANG, a semi-professional violinist with a degree in English Literature & Customer Relationship who diligently and passionately strives for perfection in music making.

Last but not the least, Yann Shie OH was remarked by Gary Graffmann – “I would love to hear more about you!” after her performance at the Oxford Philomusica Piano Festival in 2009. Known for her uncategorised interpretation on the keyboard, her versatility has taken her from giving talks, performing, producing and adjudicating to securing the position of acting stage manager for the renowned St. Petersburg Mariinsky Ballet and Theatre on their debut South-East Asian tour in 2011 at The Esplanade in Singapore. Having spent 10 years in Russia, Yann Shie’s residency at TOCCATA Studio enables her to utilities its platform to collaborate with musicians from all walks of life and to share her experience in music making with the local public.

Artist-in-Residence Series I “With Friends”

驻院艺术家系列之一 · “以音会友”

从创办至今历时一年有余,TOCCATA Studio 策划和举办了多种不同性质的音乐会,其中包括乐器, 舞蹈,声乐,还有座谈及文艺展览。今年夏天,TOCCATA Studio再次担当起前卫的角色,在我国推介“驻院艺术家”这个概念。其实,此概念对于其他国家的艺术团体和支持艺术活动的机构一点也不陌生;它甚至可说是艺术界的一个传统。不过在我国仍然新颖,所以TOCCATA Studio如今自告奋勇将这历久弥新的概念引进马来西亚,为各种创意领域的艺术家们提供一个交流和演出的空间。于此,TOCCATA Studio迎来旅俄钢琴家胡彦思 --- 第一位获得音乐界著名学府莫斯科柴可夫斯基音乐院演奏博士学位,主修钢琴,副修室内乐重奏及声乐伴奏的大马人。


  • 有钢琴搭配中提琴为大家带来的巴洛克和古典时期的乐章;
  • 一曲四手联弹的典型维也纳华尔兹也将首度在本地登场;
  • 以及两首皆创作于1959年对比强烈的协奏曲(小提琴和大提琴)。
观众也将有机会目睹彦思在键盘上不同的“触键” --- 除了将一现代钢琴转换成17世纪的击弦古钢琴来配合中提琴的曲目,还会在伴奏协奏曲同时模仿交响乐团里各种乐器的声音。

Andrew FILMER¾ 大马华人和¼英国人血统)在美国接受专业训练,刚刚在纽西兰获得博士学位的音乐学者,目前也居住在该国。他的专长是替代调音以及系统变化,擅17世纪、18世纪和21世纪的曲目,偶尔也会玩爵士音乐。他持有马来西亚理科大学的新闻学学士学位,其文字作品时常在英美纽澳等国的音乐杂志上发表。201363日所安排的讲座和大师班上,Andrew为大家讲解如何在现代的小提琴和中提琴上使用巴洛克和古典时期的弓,届时肯定让参与者大开眼界。

王志远在回马之前曾在英国、荷兰和美国三地学习与工作, 目前在本地数间大学任教,是本地著名的钢琴伴奏。他也是位作曲家,其作品曾在荷兰被发表和,也被选用在大马爱乐(MPO)的作曲家论坛系列。他也是MPO High Winds Ensemble的官方钢琴家,常受邀在我国和国外的许多音乐节、音乐会上演出。

720号闭幕音乐会上,为大家推荐青年留美在籍硕士生大提琴家Aamil SULAIMAN,以及黄凯女士,一位拥有英语文学与客户关系学位的业余小提琴手,却同时对古典音乐有无限热情及生生不息的完美追求。

异国十年寒窗促成彦思对人生,文化及艺术天马行空的想法,尤其在钢琴演绎上的独特见解更让她2009 年在英国牛津大学 Oxford Philomusica Piano Festival 得到 Mr. Gary Graffmann (郎朗美国的教授)不凡的评价 --- “I would love to hear more about you!” 除了钻研俄罗斯钢琴学派的悠久历史,彦思也钟情俄国文化,对俄语的掌握让她顺理成章的担当起居世界牛耳之St. Petersburg Mariinsky Ballet and Theatre 2011 9月莅临新加坡演出的舞台总监,表现深受好评,今年11月将再度被莫斯科 Bolshoi Ballet and Theatre 指定为在新加坡演出的舞台总监。彦思希望通过与 TOCCATA Studio 的合作,将她所吸取到的音乐,艺术精华和人生经验分享给本地的青年音乐学生和爱好音乐的朋友,与从事音乐教育的老师及音乐工作者们互换心得。

“驻院艺术家计划” 是一项非营利性的活动, 加上艺术工作坊本身就是非营利性质,所以需要社会人士的支持与赞助。在此我们特别感谢香港大学荣誉博士甘尚武先生对胡彦思和“驻院艺术家计划”的信心与支持,还有 Graceful Piano Sdn. Bhd. 钢琴行给这5 音乐会的赞助。

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