Monday 30 April 2012

Toccata Studio's Interior

Thanks to Jay from Coming Production on taking these wonderful pictures of TOCCATA STUDIO !

warm lights and the Grand Piano

Recital Room/ Multidisciplinary Art Exhibition Space

Reception area

Installation/ Multidisciplinary Art Exhibition Room

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Rehearsal Room for rent

music composer : Ng Chor Guan                                                                        photo by Alvin Shen


Rehearsal room for rent
at affordable price !

Are you preparing for performances? 
Are you participating in any competitions?
Are you practicing for music examinations? 
Are you keen in looking for the perfect space to play music?
Our recital room is fully carpeted with excellent acoustic, equipped with a brand new grand piano and a CD player with surround home theatre system. A wall covered with mirror for better posture observance. Now you can have a practice session in a completely hassle free environment!
kindly contact 016-3618504 for further information, thanks! 

Monday 16 April 2012


presented by toccata studio
CAKE PROJECT presented by Toccata Studio
is a combination of CAKE + creative ideas kick-off point funding project.
Cake Project offers an opportunity to the creative community to make possible ambitious projects for future development. This bi-monthly events aim to build a strong, generous and diverse network of local art practitioners and audiences. Public participation and discussion encourage the success.
How it works?
  • Artists, musicians, writers, performers, filmmakers, dancers, designers and the like, all are welcome to submit proposals to be considered for funding. 
  • At the event, every person will be asked to donate a minimum of RM15, which goes to the prize pot. In return, you’ll share a piece of cake and coffee/tea, at the same time eligible to vote for ONE proposal which you think has the best creative idea.
  • Each participant who has submitted proposal is required to make a brief presentation on their submitted idea. Occasionally, there may also be performances or talks by special guests.
  • At the end of the event, votes are counted. The winner receives the prize pot (the evening’s donations) and will be invited to present the outcomes of their project at the next event.

So, you can participate by sending in your proposal, present your idea, hear the other ideas and vote on your favourite;
You can join as a voter, listen to new ideas, enjoy a piece of cake and coffee/tea and vote on the idea that you like most to see it happen.

Either way everyone gets to vote.

If you would like to submit an idea, deadline for submission is at 12 noon last Sunday of every month. If you would like to attend this event, it will be held at 3pm on first Sunday of every two months.

Submission of proposal for CAKE PROJECT

We welcome creative ideas of any art forms.

How to submit a proposal?

  • All proposal submission to be hand in to TOCCATA in person or send by email to

  • Winner of CAKE PROJECT must premier their project in the said proposal at TOCCATA within one year from winning date.

  • Same proposal cannot be resubmit continuously on the following month. (i.e, if your proposal does not win on May 2012 session, you can only resubmit from July 2012 onwards)

  • All proposal submission must reach TOCCATA before 12 noon on Sunday before the event of the month to participate for CAKE PROJECT on the first Sunday of every two months.

Wednesday 11 April 2012


INSTRUMENTALIST SERIES is a platform for musical instrumentalists to perform and introduce their musical instruments as well as their playing.
Instrumentalist Series offers a platform for musicians to introduce their musical instruments as well as to perform for audiences. This events aim to build a strong and diverse relationship between musicians and audiences. Public participation and discussion encourage the success.
How it works?
  • Everyone is welcome to participate in the event.
  • At the event, a short introduction about the participated musical instrument will start the recital. Musician is required to play a recital programme of 25-30minutes, with and/or without piano accompaniment.
  • At the end of the event, a Q & A session will be held. Audiences are encouraged to ask any questions relevant to the instrument(s) and music performed.
 So, you can participate by sending in recital programme you would like to perform if you are a full-time musician/ performer;
You can join as audience, enjoy a music recital and learn a little about a musical instrument everytime you attend this event.
Either way everyone enjoys a musical hour!

Submission of Recital Programme for INSTRUMENTALIST SERIES

We welcome recital programme of any musical instrument.

How to submit a Recital Programme?

  • All Recital Programmes are schedule between 25-30 minutes. Musicians are encourage to play solo pieces as well as pieces with piano accompaniment.

  • Musicians participated in INSTRUMENTALIST SERIES will be paid.

  • All Recital Programme submission to be hand in to TOCCATA in person or send by email to before 22/4/2012.

  • Musicians of INSTRUMENTALIST SERIES will be contacted by TOCCATA to arrange for their performance date and time. 

Sunday 1 April 2012

what is the meaning of toccata?

the answer to your curiosity:

From Italian toccare = “to touch”. Often a virtuoso piece of music typically for keyboard or plucked strings featuring fast and light moving fingers. Also refer to virtuosic passages, generally emphasizing on performers’ skills.