Monday 23 July 2012

Soiree de Melodie Francaise - An Evening of French Melodies

A Vocal Recital by Stephanie Wong Jy Yiing
Piano by Robin Lee

Date : 9 and 10 August 2012
Time : 8pm
Admission by donation : RM30
Contact : 014-248 6248 / 016-3618504
Facebook : Toccata Studio

Saxophone Romance

a Saxophone recital by Leslie Wong
piano by E-Jan Tan

Date and Time:
4th August 2012 Recital @ 8pm
5th August 2012 Workshop @ 2pm, Recital @ 4pm

Admission by donation:
Recital only: Adult RM30, Student RM25
Workshop N Recital: Adult RM50, Student RM40

014-248 6248
016-361 8504

Join us for the workshop if you are enthusiastic saxophonist,
Join us for the recital if you are all time saxophone lover,
Join us for both workshop N recital if you are looking for better bargain. (yes, this is good price ! =P)

Cello Master Class by Miranda Harding

A wonderful chance to share cello music with Miranda Soo Lan Harding.
J.S.Bach Cello Suite

Cello talks VS Cellos talk

interpret Rachmaninov's cello music

Huge thanks to 
Chong Lim who introduce Miranda to us
Miranda who is dedicated enough to travel all the way here at Toccata Studio and share her thoughts on cello music with us
All participants who worked hard in preparing the pieces
All observers who join us to make this a success! 

the SAX talk...

Crossing Borders - challenging the instruments beyond
a saxophone recital by Yang Tong
Piano by Oh Yann Shie
guest performer Goh Boon Aik (Saxophone), Lim Hui Chieh (Gu Zheng)

We had a wonderful night filled with great saxophone music!

      YangTong on Saxophone...

the Sax Talk...

Yann Shie on piano...

if you missed this one, too bad! but good news is, we have another saxophone recital coming up 4th and 5th August 2012, join us if you are saxophone lover! stay tuned...

Monday 16 July 2012

LIVE! from Suburbanism...

can you hear the music? =) 


alphorn coming to Toccata Studio 
when alphorn meets piano
piano... keyboard? strings? percussion?

theremin and laptop

can you hear the sound of new music?

thanks to those who attended SUBURBANISM! hope to see u again in our upcoming events! 

Monday 9 July 2012

Crossing Borders - Challenging the instruments Beyond

"Crossing Borders – Challenging the instruments Beyond" Toccata Studio at 19B, SS2/55, Petaling Jaya, is staging a one of a kind evening by presenting the much loved saxophone “classically” on 19 July, 8pm. Change your perspectives of the well-known sexy jazz instrument with the works by classical contemporary composers across different continents and witness the piano tackles the role of an 11-instrument ensemble and the Chinese GuZheng. Our saxophonist hails from Beijing and is currently the youngest member on the faculty of the renowned Central Music Conservatory in Beijing. He will join force with our own Malaysian pianist who tasted Russian snow and breathed Russian air for 10 years.

Toccata Studio, which promotes classical musical primarily, is not only a platform for musicians but it is also a place for various forms of music and arts. We welcome everyone to join us to support our promotion for music and arts.

 An event not to be missed. For more information about the musical performance, please call 016-3618504.

“跨界 -- 萨克斯风音乐演奏会”定于 7 19 日晚上 8 时正在八打灵 19B, SS2/55 Toccata Studio 拉开序幕。来自中国青年萨克斯风演奏家杨桐将在大马青年钢琴家胡彦思的伴奏下,为大家呈现多首美妙动听的乐曲。

Toccata Studio 以发扬古典室内音乐为前提,与此同时为青年音乐家提供专业演奏平台将陆续推出各种形式的音乐与艺术表演,欢迎各界人士踊跃出席,支持音乐与艺术活动。

青年萨克斯风演奏家杨桐生于中国北京。18岁考入俄罗斯国家音乐研究院。在2003, 杨桐以优异的成绩在20岁时通过了法国波尔多国立音乐学院萨克斯风大师班的考试。师从国际现代萨克斯演奏家Marie-Bernadette Charrier 女士。20053月,杨桐获得法国兰普得国立萨克斯高等组比赛第三名。20056, 杨桐被瑞士洛桑音乐学院演奏硕士专业录取同年杨桐又获得了波尔多市政府颁发的第一名演奏奖(D.E.M)毕业于波尔多国立音乐学院2007年二月至三月杨桐以瑞士七名年轻独奏家的身份在瑞士巡回演出。杨桐曾受邀至中国、泰国、台湾、大马等地教授萨克斯风大师班。作为专业萨克斯风音乐家,他也曾于中国、泰国、台湾及大马演奏。杨桐目前是泰国C-Clef 古典音乐协会签约艺术家。美籍法国作曲家Etienne Rolin 评论杨桐说道杨桐我的天呢他是一位不折不扣的掌握四国语言中文英文法文和俄文的中国萨克斯外交家和一位结合中西方音乐文化的年轻音乐才子


欲知更多详情或有意出席“跨界”这场萨斯克风音乐演奏会的公众,可拨电至 0163618504 询问。

Cello Masterclass by Bruno Ventocilla and Miranda Harding

A Cello Masterclass by Bruno Ventocilla and Miranda Harding 

Venue: Toccata Studio, 19B, SS2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Date: 20 July 2012
Time: 5pm
Price: observer rm20 per person

if you are interested to join as a participant, please pm or call 016-3618504

Wednesday 4 July 2012

new music series ---suburbanism

looking for new sound, new inspiration, new ideas, new music?

join us at suburbanism!

sim chee ghee (alphorn)
isaac chia (laptop)
ng chor guan (theremin, piano and laptop)

call 016-3618504 for more info.

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Tuesday 3 July 2012

Heart-to-Heart, an evening of classical piano music

Heart-to-Heart, an evening of classical piano music.
弹琴谈情- 古典钢琴音乐之夜

pianist: Ruth Yong Shi Jie
orchestra reduction part played by Oh Yann Shie

Domenico Scarlatti - Sonata in B minor L.27

Ludwig van Beethoven - Piano Sonata no.12 in A flat major, Op.26 (1st and 2nd Movements)

Sergei Rachmaninov - Etude-Tableux Op.10 no.7 in E flat major and No.8 in G minor

Edvard Grieg - Piano Concerto in A minor (1st Movement)


solo time 

Heart-to-Heart playing everyone's all time favorite - Grieg Piano Concerto 1st movement

Mama's Tea Break 妈妈下午茶

妈妈下午茶 -- 亲子关系讲座*分享*交流会
mama's tea break -- a talk and sharing from mother to mothers

Travel Talk by Ms Au Sow Peng

Travel Talk by Ms Au Sow Peng, a Malaysian girl backpack alone in
Kyrgyzstan --> Tajikistan --> Uzbekistan

Whoa! where are these places?
How I wish I can travel there too! 

Traveling is always one of our biggest interest!