Wednesday 30 January 2013

Lunar New Year 2013 East Meets West 农历新年之东西合并版

New music series

Vocal : Aguan Lim

Piano / Electronic: Ng Chor Guan

Percussion / Dulcimer : Wumi 

Bassoon : Terence Chong

Alto Lute (Zhongruan)Tung Zi Yan

Date                  : 22/2/2013
Time                  : 8pm
Venue                : TOCCATA STUDIO
                           19 B, SS2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya, 
                            Selangor, Malaysia.               
Admission         : by minimum donation RM20

Are you looking for new music?
Do you fancy some special sound?
Are you in search of uniqueness in music?

This is the chance for you.
Join this event for a brand new experience in music.

“Lunar New Year East Meets West” a new music concert will be held on 22 February 2013, 8pm at Toccata Studio, 19 B, SS2/55, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. This project is supported by Krishen Jit Astro Fund. Musicians including theremin player Ng Chor Guan, vocalist Aguan Lim, Percussion and dulcimer player Wumi, Bassoon player Terence Chong and Alto Lute player Tung Zi Yan will bring to audiences new sound, new inspiration, new music and mew ideas! At a minimum donation of RM20 admission, you get to enjoy a night of miracle. Those who donate above RM25 will get a specially design limited edition badge in conjunction to Chinese New Year celebration.


Vocal : Aguan Lim 林逸源

Piano / Electronic 电子乐器 : Ng Chor Guan 黄楚原

Percussion / Dulcimer 扬琴 : Wumi 無米

Basson  : Terence Chong 俊开

Zhongruan 中阮 Tung Zi Yan 丁子殷

日期                  2013 2 22
时间                  晚上 8
地点                  TOCCATA STUDIO
        19 B, SS2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
入场                  最低乐捐 20 零吉



“农历新年之东西合并版”音乐演奏会定于 2 22 日晚上 8 时正在八打灵 19B, SS2/55 Toccata Studio 拉开序幕。這項演出獲得 Krishen Jit Astro Fund 的支持。当晚演出的青年音乐家包括运用隐形乐器及钢琴的黄楚原、声乐家林逸源、擅长打击乐器与扬琴的无米、专门吹奏巴颂管的张俊开及中阮乐手丁子殷,为观众现场演出,实现东西合并相互融合的一场另类、有趣、创新的音乐会。在这场互动的音乐会,观众将有机会亲眼目睹以上种种乐器现场演奏,亲耳聆听即兴创作。入场以乐捐方式,最低乐捐 20 零吉。凡乐捐 25 零吉以上的热心人士即将获得特别设计限量版蛇年徽章作为纪念。

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