Monday 19 August 2013

When Time Limps 在时间瘫软时

Contemporary Dance “When Time Limps”

Toccata Studio is proud to present an international collaboration contemporary dance
performance “When Time Limps” choreograph by artist from Hong Kong Rebecca Wong,
featured 3 innovative dancers including Rebecca Wong herself, Ivanhoe Lam and Cyrus Hui
with local Malaysian music composer Chor Guan NG. 

There will be two performances of “When Time Limps” on 6 Sep and 7 Sep 2013, 8.30pm at
Annex Gallery, Centre Market. Besides, They will conduct an improvisation workshop to
explore human body movements. This workshop is open to public with or without experience in
dance. This performance also supported by Mydance Alliance, British Council and JKKN
(Jabatan Kebudayaan Dan Kesenian Negara)in developing new audiences in contemporary
dance production.
Together, the team brought us a dance piece inspired by Dali, a prominent Spanish surrealist
painter. This dance piece especially named after Dali’s most famous and most recognizable work
“The Persistence of Memory” where we sees soft, melting pocket watch. This performance seeks
relationship between space and time, defines dream and reality, symbolized consciousness and
unconsciousness. Through body movement and music, this performance brings audiences an
exciting sensory experience.

From the choreographer, Rebecca Wong:
Once encountering with Dali, I was totally attracted by his crazy and legendary life. Reading his
diary again for the creation of this piece, apart of his showiness, his snobbishness, his insaneness,
I discovered another Dali – an “absolute passionate and loyal-to-art” Dali, he touched and
motivated me. I truly believe the magic would be continuously in ferment. 

Improvisation Workshop (With or Without Experience)
Instructor: Rebecca Wong, Ivanhoe Lam and Cyrus Hui.
Date        : 4th September  (Wednesday)
Time       : 2-4pm
Venue     : Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA), 464 Jalan
                 Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Fees        : Rm50/Pax (Reservation needed due to limited seats)
Contact   :  012-22260278,010-3693713

Contemporary Dance “When Time Limps”

Date    : 6th September (Friday), 7th September (Saturday)
Time   : 8.30pm
Venue : Annex Gallery,Central Market.  
Tickets:Rm58 (Adult), RM38(Student)
Contact: 016-3618504, 014-2486248

Choreographer / Dancer  - Wong Pik Kei, Rebecca (HONG KONG)

Rebecca graduated from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 2010, majoring
in Contemporary Dance and Choreography. She is enthusiastic about choreography and issued
numerous works during her time in HKAPA. She loves to cross over with different media and
the collaboration works including site specific “Gorgeously Unexpected”, and multimedia
production “Melaleuca Leucaendra” and “Cycle”. Her works include HKAPA Choreographic
Workshop I “Journey”, site-specific “Invisible Waves” and graduation independent study
project “Love at the time limped”. In April 2011, she staged her work, “The Museum of Ladies”,
under the Real Show Case series of City Contemporary Dance Company, with Georgina LO and
Juliana HO. She was also selected as one of the choreographers in “Emerging Choreographer
Series 2009 – Dance x Men” produced by Hong Kong Dance Alliance. Her recent creative works
include E-side Dance Company “Diving for Needles” - “Move Forward”, DanceArt “Room for
Conversations”, Hong Kong Arts Center Open Dance “Reformatory”. She has worked with
different artists over the globe, including MUI Cheuk Yin, Willy TSAO, Raewyn HILL (New
Zealand) and Jaime REDFERN (Australia). She went to Malaysia, Taiwan and USA and
exchanged with local dancers that widen her horizons in arts. Always looking for opportunities
to give tries, she keeps writing her own dance language.

Dancer - Hui Chun Kit, Cyrus (HONG KONG)

Cyrus graduated from HKAPA with a concentration in modern dance and choreography. He
pursued further study at Folkwang University of the Arts, Germany, under the Hong Kong
Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund Scholarship. He is currently a freelance choreographer,
performing artist and dance instructor. He has performed in Germany, France, Italy, Guangzhoug
and Taiwan, and has been involved in a series of projects including Hong Kong Art Festival
Contemporary Art Series I “The Last Zoo”, DanceArt “Overdue”, Hong Kong Theatre Design
Company Ltd “Positioning”, New Force in Motion Series “Here it goes again” and Hong Kong
Fringe Festival Bare Stage Project 09 “That’s Dance”.

Dancer  - Lam Chun Ho, Ivanhoe (HONG KONG)
After graduation from the diploma program of drama school and dance school at HKAPA,
Ivanhoe continued his studies for a BFA degree at Rotterdam Dance Academy (the Netherlands),
majoring in Choreography. His creative works staging in Rotterdam, Hague, Utrecht and
Amsterdam include “Awakening”, a site-specific dance with Denmark visual artist Henrik
Vibskov “27 Scenes”, “Ashes to Ashes”. “27 Scenes” was well received in ITs Festival in
Amsterdam 2010 and Hong Kong International Dance Symposium 2010. Recent full-length
piece “27” was presented in Hong Kong with the original cast from the Netherlands and local
dancers. He established Motion 27 Dance Theatre and currently is a freelance choreographer,
performing artist and tutor for theatre education. 

Composer  - Ng Chor Guan (MALAYSIA)
Chor Guan is an invigorating music composer for concert, theatre, musical, dance, film and new
media. He started his career as professional music composer during his years in London. In 2008,
he was nominated for Cameronian Arts Awards Most Promising Artist. His music for films was
awarded the Grand Prizes in Clemont-Ferrand Short Film Festival in France and Artfilm Fest in
Slovak Republic. In 2010, he was nominated Best Music Composition, 1st Selangor Youth
Awards and Goethe Institute Scholarship in 2011. In 2012, he was invited to be one of the five
Asians selected artists who represented Asia in The Playable City Sprint at Bristol, UK and also
invited to Korea giving a performance at 7th Global RCE Conference organized by UNICEF. He
was the musical director, theremin player and composer for Live Cinema performances entitled
“Super Everything” directed by Light Surgeons where they performed in Houston, USA and
toured UK in March 2013. Ng currently lectures in University Malaya and New Era College. He
has also produced 11 CD albums of his own music compositions.

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